10 Personal Grooming Questions Answered

10 Personal Grooming Questions Answered

After the initial shock wears off when people discover I’m legally blind, the “tip-toe questioning” commences. That’s when a sighted person decides to ask me ten less offensive questions on their quest to get the balls necessary to ask me that one, burning question their dying to know relating to my disability. While, I’m pretty open to answering just about anything with relation to my visual impairment; I’ve got two kids to take care. In an effort to avoid this annoying process, here are 10 of the most common personal grooming questions I’ve been asked along with my honest responses. (Sorry, mom.)

10 Personal Grooming Questions – ANSWERED

1) How do you shave your armpits? Yup, people have asked me this. No, really. Do you remember that Julia Roberts long armpit hair phase? Well that “look” doesn’t fly with me! I shave my underarms like any other woman. In the confines of my shower, I put a little bit liquid soap under my armpit. I raise my arms over my head (one at a time, of course) and then make three long strokes with my Venus razor in the direction the hair grows. I go slightly farther down with the razor than I did before I lost my eyesight just to make sure I haven’t missed any stragglers. TMI? Remember, you asked.

2) How do you pluck your eyebrows? I’m a firm believer in knowing your limits. Plucking my eyebrows is beyond the scope of my current skill set as a blind woman. I’ll own that. For seven dollars, I can walk into any nail salon in New York City and get a brow wax. Money well spent if you ask me. However, I am happy to report that does not mean I don’t use tweezers for other personal grooming. I am quite capable of pulling out an occasional chin hair by feel! Don’t pretend you don’t have any. You know who you are.

3) Can you paint your own nails? In a word, no. But if I’m being totally honest, that was always difficult for me, even when I could see. On occasion, I do paint my daughter’s nails with a non-toxic nail polish called Piggy Paint. The brush is large enough for me to hit those tiny fingers, giving their nails enough color to make them happy. At 3 and 1 years old, neither one of them are requesting French manicures at the moment so I’m in good shape. At least for now.

4) How do you put on lipstick? I became blind when I was 32 years old. I had a good 16 years of practice before becoming visually impaired. I think I know where my lips are. MWAH!

5) What about mascara and eye liner? If I wasn’t already blind from cancer, I probably would have lost my eyesight in a tragic liquid eyeliner accident. That crap is not easy to apply for any woman. I usually make a feeble attempt in the hopes I will somewhat resemble Adele, but I actually end up looking more like Johnny Depp ala Pirate of the Caribbean. (Not pretty.) Truthfully, I tend not to wear eye makeup because it irritates my eyes. If I do want to wear it for a special occasion, I will happily pay someone to do my makeup professionally. grooming

6) How do you shave your legs? Same as the pits. (See #1.) I hike my leg up against my shower wall, lather up, and break out the razor. I start at my ankle bone, going all the way up my thigh, then move slightly over with every pass of the razor. I’ve cut myself many times using this method, but no more than I did when I had 20/20 vision. Sometimes, being a woman is just complicated. Pain is beauty, right?

7) How do you take care of your “lady parts?” Don’t think someone has really ever asked me this? I hate to tell you; it’s happened on more than one occasion. I have two responses: I either leave “it” alone or seek out professional help from an aesthetician (waxer). DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT attempt to go anywhere in that general vicinity with an electric trimmer. I tried that route once when I was pregnant with my first child and I needed an emergency visit to my OB-GYN afterwards. Yeah, how’s that for an overshare. Needless to say I didn’t need stitches, but it came pretty damned close. No thanks, this blind chick has learned her lesson.

8) What about your Aunt Flo? Oh, Aunt Flo, she’s doing great? (Insert eye roll with my good eye here.) Are you kidding me with this? Here’s the thing, there are certain things a lady knows just because she’s a lady. It doesn’t require any significant detailed explanation. We have 4 other senses besides eyesight that allow us all to know what’s going on with our bodies. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. Period. No, pun intended.

9) How do you brush your teeth? With a toothbrush. Enough said.

10) How do you style your hair? My hair has always been relatively short. I’m the low-maintenance type and never fussed over my “do” so to speak. I would wash it, towel it off, and blow dry. Most ladies will agree that if you’ve gotten into the habit of parting your hair to one side, it just seems to naturally land there after a while. That didn’t change after I lost my eyesight. Since being diagnosed with alopecia in April 2016, hair is no longer an issue for me. I just choose between one of my two wigs, throw it on, and go. At home, I’m usually o’natural – meaning I’ve startled a few delivery men by answering the door in all my bald-headed glory. I have to admit, I’ve kind of enjoyed that part of my hair loss journey.

Take it from this blind woman, most ladies don’t like being asked overly personal questions with regards to their beauty regimen. Would you ask a sighted person any of these questions? Probably not.

Here’s the thing, I totally understand your curiosity. It’s not so much the questions themselves that bother me, it’s their delivery. If you encounter someone whose blind or visually impaired, stop the “tip-toe” questioning. Respectfully, come right out and ask what you want to know. You might be surprised by some of the answers you’ll get. Women are women – sighted or blind – “never lose sight of life, love and laughter.”


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  1. Great list. I have been legally blind since forever and I never mastered makeup and had no desire too even as a teenager. I know some do it but it seems like a lot of work to become less pretty. Just my opinion but I really don’t like the aesthetic.

    I have been a bit shocked recently to discover that sighted people actually attempt to look at their own private parts and at their own feces on toilet paper (supposedly to determine that they are clean back there). I’m confused but I guess they have odd habits.

    By the way, menstrual cups are great for Aunt Flo. Much less to keep track of, but I learned the hard way that you basically have to wipe down the toilet each time, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Still that’s only twice a day usually and it sure beats the other options.

    1. I have an app I use to Arie! It’s great – but for an irregular cycle sometimes it’s all about the feel and avoiding white pants! LOL!

  2. I am fully sighted (recently had lasik and now test at 20/15 vision), and I have never mastered eye makeup. I can kinda do mascara, since pretty much the only way to screw it up is smear it on your face, where it wipes off with a wet tissue, but beyond that, forget it.

    1. Amen Sister! Eye makeup was always difficult. And I’ve tried using q-tips. I’ve tried doing the “smokey eye” but I just look like someone tries to beat me up! It’s better to let a professional do it. At least, for me.

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