Disability Scholarships Listings

Disability Scholarships Listings

College doens’t come cheap, so it’s important to consider scholarships and grant funding to pay for your education. Unlike student loans, these monies do not have to be repaid. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires all schools to accommodate the differing needs of their disabled students. Thankfully, this act had made it easier for disabled students to choose the school of their choice without having to worry as much about their accommodations.

Several schools actively recruit for disabled students. Fortunately, there are also several scholarships offered specifically for those with disabilities. If you have a disability or are the parent of a disabled child, you will find several scholarship opportunities available.

Like other scholarship providers, there are general disability scholarships that only require the applicant to have a disability and those that may be offered to applicants with a specific disability. The scholarships listed below come from numerous sources, but their main intent is to help disabled students meet their higher education needs and career goals while lessening the financial burden.

Blind Motherhood is fortunate enough to be on several email listings for up to date scholarship information we can share with our followers. Please refer to our “National Resources” page for bi-annual updates on scholarship information.  In addition, we’d like to thank Student Loan Clues for providing us with this current listing of scholarships for many different disabilities, including vision loss. Click HERE to visit the Student Loan Clues website and take advantage of these scholarship opportunities.

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