Top “10” Father’s Day Gifts

Top “10” Father’s Day Gifts

People often ask me why I refer to my husband as “Mostly Wonderful” on Blind Motherhood.  My husband is a rather quiet, private kind of guy who’s not too comfortable with me divulging (or at times berating…sorry, honey) him by his first name.  And while I can honestly say “most” days he is a modern-day prince charming/father of the year, there are other times when he’s an overgrown man-child in need of a time out.  But hey, nobody’s perfect, right?

“Mostly Wonderful” is not a big gift lover. He doesn’t expect to be overindulged and doesn’t want me to break the bank to buy him something for any holiday.  On Father’s Day, we keep it light. The kids make their daddy a homemade card and we usually buy him one present.  It’s what works for us.

Top 10: Father’s Day Gift Guide:

Sighted or blind, here is my list of Top 10 Father’s Day gifts for the “Mostly Wonderful” in your life:

  1. Netflix ($7.99 and up) Mostly Wonderful doesn’t have a lot of time to watch television.  When he’s not helping me with the kids or driving us to an appointment, he’s usually catching up on some much-needed sleep.  We recently got Netflix and he really enjoys it. There’s a certain amount of nostalgia associated with some of the shows they currently run and the two of us have enjoyed some quality time together watching old reruns of our favorite television series.  With packages starting as low as $7.99, you can most certainly fit this gift into any budget.  You can stream video practically anywhere and you can cancel at any time.
  1. The Art of Shaving/ Lavender Full Size Kit With Shave Brush ($120.00) There is nothing sexier than kissing a guy with a smooth face who also happens to smell amazing. The Art of Shaving has several gift ideas to help your man have a spa-like shaving experience. This full size kit comes with four components: Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Cream, Shaving Brush and an After-Shave Balm.  The Fathersdaycompany boasts that the combination of their ingredients and craftsmanship help reduce ingrown hairs, razor burn and cuts. I’ll admit it’s a bit pricey in comparison to my eight dollar Venus razor, but the smell of lavender is absolutely intoxicating.  Money well spent for any “Mostly Wonderful.”
  1. Fit Bit/ Charge HR ($129.95) A little exercise never hurt anyone (Unless of course your me and hate it with a passion). The Fit Bit Charge HR calculates steps taken, calories burnt, and distance traveled throughout the day. The device syncs your stats to your computer or smart phone and will even track your sleep quality.  PurePulse monitors your man’s heart rate and can even display caller ID when in close proximity to his smart phone! Your man will not only be able to stay healthy and fit with this Fit Bit, but he won’t miss your call to pick up something for the kids on the way home from work either.
  1. Apple Watch Sport ($299 and up) If your “Mostly Wonderful” is a techy then he will love receiving an Apple Watch Sport.  Starting at $299 and up, the watch has a rectangular touch screen that’s been coated with sapphire to prevent scratching.  It’s sweat-resistant and comes in either space gray or silver. Amongst it’s impressive features, the device let’s you respond to messages using your voice, get directions (all men need that), and listen to music.  If someone on your Father’s Day gift list loves Apple products, then this is the gift for him!
  1. Tommy John ($16 and up) Boxers or briefs? Want to buy your “Mostly Wonderful” something practical that’s also comfortably stylish?  Tommy John is the place to shop! With 5 different styles of underwear, website selections to help you narrow down fabric benefits and the occasion to wear each style; you can say goodbye to those tighty-whities. For Tommy John, it’s all about helping men achieve the perfect, most comfortable fit. Three-piece underwear sets start around $80 dollars.  Individual pieces begin as low as $34 dollars. The site is currently offering a fabulous promotion; 20% off their Father’s Day bundles, including their famous “no-adjustment men’s underwear”, and every purchase gets a “free” pair of athletic socks. Check out Tommy John’s site to browse their entire selection of socks, t-shirts, lounge wear and undershirts in sizes ranging from small to XXL. fathersday
  1. Amazon Echo ($179) I received the Amazon Echo as a belated Christmas/birthday present this year. For someone who’s visually impaired, it’s a handy little gadget that the whole family can enjoy, including your “Mostly Wonderful.” Echo plays all your music from Prime Music, Spotify, and Pandora. The speakers and sound are fantastic. It answers questions, reads audio books, provides the news, weather and traffic. Amazon is now offering a cord free version of the Echo, the Amazon Tap, which I would recommend as opposed to this older model. It’s smaller, cheaper ($129.00) and runs on a battery charge so the unit does not have to be plugged into an outlet at all times.
  1. Shutterfly ($10 and up) Don’t let their tough exteriors fool ya; every dad has a soft spot for pictures of their kids. As someone who makes a lot of photo gifts throughout the year, Shutterfly has never disappointed me. Last Father’s Day, I made a collection of photo magnets of our children for my husband’s work locker. The gift was such a family hit, I repeated the idea for Christmas as stocking stuffers for all the men in our family. Shutterfly’s quality is amazing and you can easily find coupon codes to land a pretty steep discount or at least free shipping by searching online.
  1. Sperry Jaws Shoes ($70) Father’s Day is in June. June is the beginning of summer.  Summer makes me think of the beach. The beach makes me think of JAWS!  (See how my mind works).  Sperry recently launched a series of JAWS inspired canvas shoes that are totally amazing.  Each pair comes with a movie inspired box, complete with tissue paper that resembles blood stained water! (I know, totally gross, but totally fricken’ JAWS.) These slip-on movie masterpieces have images of the film imprinted directly onto the shoes. One version has the shark jumping out the water, mouth open, while the opposite shoe has a female swimmer in a red bathing suit.  Total Genius!  If your man is looking for some stylish footwear/movie memorabilia then this is the gift for you!


  1. Movie Tickets ($15 and up) Fathers need alone time just like mothers do. There have been several times when I have felt my husband was in “burn-out” mode, especially after having our second child.  If I knew there was a movie he wanted to see, I would go on Fandango and buy him a ticket for the matinée.  He would come home relaxed, refreshed and would always bring me home some lunch as a thank you for letting him have some “me” time. Fair is fair – even daddies deserve a break.
  1. Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera ($99) Sure, we all have cellphones these days, but isn’t fun to occasionally use an actual camera to capture our family’s memories? The Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera is a little slice of photographic nostalgia with a modern-day twist. This ten mega-pixel, pocket-size camera, captures brilliant images and the ZINK Instant Printer component produces 2×3 prints in under one minute.  Each printed photograph has an adhesive back for easy posting and a digital copy is saved for your PC/Social Media.

Remember What Father’s Day Is About

I’ll be the first to admit, it’s not easy being married to me – and not just because I’m blind! I’m far from perfect; all of us are.  And while my husband of 14 years has the tendency to do some pretty stupid things on a daily basis; I’m so grateful that he’s the father of my children.

If you’re lucky enough to have a “Mostly Wonderful” to remember on Father’s Day, take the opportunity to make them feel special.  Choose a gift that best represents the men they are and the interests that have.  As long as they know they are loved and appreciated; you can’t go wrong!  Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there…including Blind Motherhood’s own “Mostly Wonderful!”