“Free” Kindle Download Stand By Me RP Volume II

“Free” Kindle Download Stand By Me RP Volume II

U.K. poet, Dave Steele, wants to give the world his poetry this Christmas! Steele’s books, Stand By Me Volumes I and II were written to raise awareness and help those living with his condition, Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP).

Stand By Me RP Volume II - Book Cover. Purple background with a single eye, the iris is in the shape of a heart.

Over the past two years, Dave has lost the majority of his vision to this hereditary degenerative condition which has no treatment or cure. His poetry has gained worldwide attention with both international blind organizations and RP social media support groups.

In honor of the holidays, Steele is generously offering “FREE” Kindle downloads of his book, “Stand By Me RP – Volume II. 

From December 15th to December, 20th 2017, simply head over to Amazon.com to download your “FREE” copy. Don’t own a Kindle? Don’t worry. Just Download the Kindle App to enjoy Dave’s poetry. 

Dave’s goal is to reach 500 “FREE” downloads by the end of this week. Steele’s books are an excellent resource for blind homeschooler’s, parents, children, and teens. If you or someone you know enjoys poetic prose, please encourage them to take advantage of this limited time offer.

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