Blind Mom’s Potty Problems: GlowBowl

Blind Mom’s Potty Problems: GlowBowl

By the time I finish cleaning up my kid’s toys, folding laundry and loading the dishwasher; it’s close to midnight. Add in work responsibilities with some dedicated blogging time and this momma rarely hits the pillow before 2am. Because my visual impairment is significantly worse after putting in my nightly eye medications; I’m usually pretty clumsy in the dark.  Late night trips to the bathroom can be slightly hazardous, which is why I was totally transfixed when I heard about GlowBowl.

GlowBowl transforms any toilet into a nightlight.  And when you’re a blind momma of two toddlers, this kind of technology makes late night trips to the bathroom a whole lot easier.

My husband and I have tried various solutions to help me get from my bedroom into the bathroom without bruising myself against the pedestal sink or landing face first on the cold tile. (Yeah, that’s happened.)

Attempts At Solving Potty Problems

At first, we tried just leaving the bathroom light on all night long. Not a very energy-efficient solution, it also wasn’t cost effective and practically blinded my husband when he left the darkness of our bedroom to use the bathroom himself.

Then I got a flashlight for my nightstand. It worked well at first, until I knocked it over one night causing a loud bang that woke up my two sleeping children. (TOTAL NIGHTMARE)

Finally, we bought a motion activated night-light for the outlet in our bathroom. Although it did offer a small amount of illumination, it wasn’t close enough to the toilet or sink to really help anyone in the family “hit their mark” so to speak.


Stumbling Upon GlowBowl

A few weeks back, I saw the advertisement for GlowBowl on social media and my husband said “go for it.” I purchased my GlowBowl from for $19.99.  It was delivered in about five days.  The package was simple to open, especially if you’re visually impaired.  The device is made of a smooth plastic material and runs on 3 AAA batteries (not included). The batteries were easy to install and you can hear the “click” of the battery door latch, indicating the water-resistant seal has been closed.

Worried About Fit?

After losing my vision in 2012 and learning I was pregnant with our first child, my husband felt we needed to re-model our bathroom to ensure it was safe for both me and our growing family. We gutted the entire thing, right down to the studs. We removed the tub, installed a shower, and added handicap grab bars. Because “mostly wonderful” is extremely tall (6’6 to be exact) our contractor recommended we purchase an “extra tall” toilet.  We settled on Kohler.

I was a little worried the GlowBowl would not fit on our rather high porcelain throne. But my new potty night-light, went right on the elongated bowl. All I did was lift the toilet seat, straightened the pliable arm to a 90 degree angle and made sure the LED sensor light was pointing inside of the bowl.  The Glowbowl hugged the rim of the toilet tighter than my two toddlers during an impromptu wrestling match.

Color & Brightness

Then it came time to play with the colors. GlowBowl has 7 LED color options. All you have to do is press and release the button located on the front of your GlowBowl to cycle through the available colors and stop on the one you want to use.  This little invention also has a “carousel mode” displaying all the colors in rotation.  My three-year old  loves the carousel feature and says “the potty looks like a Christmas tree.”

But what I like most about GlowBowl is it’s ability to change the brightness level.  With a few touches of that same front button, you cycle through dimmer levels. Once you select the level that works for you, this little gadget will blink for 5 seconds to let you know it’s set.  I have my GlowBowl set for the highest level of brightness, which is perfect with my visual impairment.

Since I’m a total neat freak and in the midst of potty training my daughters; I wipe down my toilet at least three times a day. The GlowBowl also gets a quick rinse off with a Clorox Wipe or spritz of household cleaner on a cloth.

If you’re visually impaired, I strongly recommend thinking about purchasing a GlowBowl to help you navigate nighttime trips to the bathroom.  If you have kids who are possibly afraid of the dark or in need of some potty training motivation, the GlowBowl is also a great option.

Finally, if you’re married or living with someone who likes to leave you with the occasional wet sock in the morning (C’mon ladies, you know who I am talking about), get yourself a GLOWBOWL!

To learn more about GlowBowl, go to  You can purchase your own GlowBowl directly from their site or by visiting

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