Helping Students with Visual Impairments: A Resource Guide

Helping Students with Visual Impairments: A Resource Guide

Part of the mission of Blind Motherhood is to dedicate a portion of the website’s content space towards resources that can positively impact members of the blind and visually impaired community. As a social worker myself, I’ll admit I have pretty high standards, before recommending any “online guides” marketed towards people with vision loss. The content must be clear, relevant and comprehensive.  That’s why when I was emailed a copy of the Helping Students with Visual Impairments: Resources, Tools & Technology to Foster School Success, I knew it would be helpful to many of my readers, both as visually impaired parents who may be considering furthering their own education and for sighted parents of blind children.

Helping Students with Visual Impairments:

Written by three educational experts, with a myriad of experience in both the field of disabilities and with the blind, Helping Students with Visual Impairments, seeks to address the specific needs of blind/vi students by improving accessibility measures that will directly impact student’s success. The guide explains how colleges are working towards creating more inclusive, thereby empowering, learning environments; relying heavily on assistive technology to help the visually impaired succeed.  In addition, the guide has information relating to available scholarships for students with visual impairments and online resources they can access independently.

Accessing this Online Guide: 

You can find Helping Students with Visual Impairments: Resources, Tools and Technology to Foster School Success by clicking HERE.  You can also find it listed under “Community for Accredited Online Schools” on Blind Motherhood’s list of National Resources.

Blind Motherhood is always willing to review any online information, such as this guide, for consideration for use on our comprehensive “Resource List.”  If you have information you think would help our readers, please email me at [email protected].


Editor’s Note: This is “NOT” a sponsored post for Community for Accredited Online Schools. This online guide has been included on Blind Motherhood in an effort to share important, relevant information with both visually impaired parents and those parenting blind/VI children.