National Braille Press Valentine’s Card Spreads the Love

National Braille Press Valentine’s Card Spreads the Love

I’ll admit it; I’m a hopeless romantic! One of my absolute favorite holidays, Valentine’s Day, of course! Since becoming a mom, I’ve gotten my daughters into the spirit and together we make and mail dozens of Valentine’s Day cards every year.

In our house, every recipient on our list receives “2” versions of Valentine’s – one with braille and one without. I usually purchase the non-brailled cards from my local drugstore or online for less than $3 a box. Reminiscent of my own childhood, these cards come in sheets of “4” with perforated edges, adorable sayings and picture beloved television characters. My daughters have chosen Frozen and Disney Princess cards to send this year.

Wondering, where I get the brailled versions? Check out The National Braille Press (NBP)!

New Year: New Valentine’s Card:  

Every year the NBP comes up with a new Valentine’s Day card design. Each Valentine includes text in both print and braille as well as a braille decoder (printed on the back) for kids who may need help reading the message. It’s absolutely adorable!valentine's

This year’s card, “For Crayon Out Loud, Happy Valentine’s Day!” is an adorable play on words. These print/braille Valentines are the perfect way to promote braille amongst family, friends and classmates. Have your kids use a “crayon” to sign them, bringing the joke (and the cuteness) full circle. A “32” count package of these cards is $15.00.

The National Braille Press (NBP) also maintains stock of Valentine’s Day cards from pervious years. This gives you the option of buying the 2017 version, while getting older versions for a discounted rate.

When I purchased my cards for this year, I also bought the 2016 “Just Popping Through with A Valentine For You” for my girls. This card also happens to be scratch and sniff, with the smell of buttered popcorn. My daughters went crazy for it!

Combining The Old With The New:

As a blind mom, I want to feel included in every activity I do with my children. However, promoting inclusion does not mean I deprive my daughters from any of the more traditional methods of celebrating holidays.

My husband and I choose not to break with some mainstream holiday traditions because of my vision loss; instead we choose to build upon them! My girls have the same nostalgic Valentine’s most school-aged children and sighted families use. They also have the NBP version. Valentine's

This gives me the opportunity, as their mother, to talk with them about my vision loss and how their mommy is learning to use Braille. It also provides my family the opportunity to promote inclusion for the blind and visually impaired, while educating recipients about the Braille dot system.

I can’t think of a better way to promote education, empowerment, inclusion AND LOVE for a holiday that encompasses kindness and affection towards others!   

Click HERE to check out the complete NBP Valentine’s Day Gift List for cards and other thoughtful items for all your loved ones this holiday!