New York Vision Week – Fall 2016 – October 20th Through November 20th

New York Vision Week – Fall 2016 – October 20th Through November 20th

New York City is notorious for hosting amazing events. Our foodies have Restaurant Week. Our fashionistas get Fashion Week. It’s about time, blind and visually impaired New Yorkers get their own slice of big apple fun! Hence the start of New York City’s first ever Vision Week – only it’s not just a week, it’s actually a month! Okay, we took a pretty big slice of that apple!  I told you we’ve been waiting a while! From October 20th through November 20th, 2016, a myriad of accessible events have been planned throughout the New York City metropolitan area!

The Mission of Vision Week

Vision Week is more than just about having fun. It’s about pushing the envelope towards social innovation. In an effort to promote a more inclusive society for members of the blind and visually impaired community, Vision Week seeks to emphasize three critical areas:

  1. Public Awareness – Vision Week will help both sighted and blind participants realize our mutually equal contribution towards creating meaningful relationships in our communities.
  2. Bridge Accessibility & Create Opportunities –  Vision Week aims to turn weakness into strength and obstacles into opportunities. We will discuss how we can bridge the gaps of accessibility and how we can create professional and personal opportunities for all.
  3. Reveal Innovations – Vision Week will change the lives of it’s attendees by creating a broader vision of diversity and inclusion. Let’s talk about technology. Let’s see what new things are out there! Let’s use Vision Week to learn together!

Vision Week aims to RAISE, BUILD, and then FOSTER awareness, accessibility, relationships, technology, and above all – community!  This one of a kind event is working towards creating a society where everybody belongs, everybody enjoys and everybody thrives!

Calendar of Events for Vision Week Fall 2016

Here are just a few of the events planned for Vision Week 2016!

October 20 – Google CCVIP “Tech Demo and Career Mentoring Day”

October 25 – Halloween Cookie-Making Workshop at Amy’s Cookies

October 25 – Lower East Side Tenement Museum “Hard Times” Touch and Verbal Tour

October 27 – Talk in careers in the arts

November 2 – Bookshare – How to Access 479,000 titles for FREE

November 3 – Vincent Cuccia Training Workshop

November 4 – Blind Parenting Workshop at Baruch College CCVIP

November 4 – VISIONS career workshop

November 13 – NYU Accessible Coding Workshop

November 20 – Sunday Movie and Coffee

Blind Motherhood @ Vision Week

On Friday, November 4th, I will be appearing at Vision Week to present a Blind Parenting Workshop. You’ll get to meet “Mostly Wonderful” and my guide dog, Frances as I talk about my journey from blind mother of two to blogger.  I’ll be doing some demonstrations relating to childcare, including feeding your baby and toddler safety. I’ll also discuss some great technology and Apps for blind and visually impaired parents.

I’ll be ready to answer your questions – relating to everything from fertility to child birth!  Get ready for some good ol’ New York honesty as we dive into the good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly of blind parenting!  I hope you’ll join me, Friday, November 4th, at Baruch College, CCVIP, from 10:30 to noon.

vision week

Thank You To Our Partners

Vision Week would not be possible without the generous and strong support from our partners. We would like to thank the following organizations for their support:
Amy’s Cookies
Blind Ambition Coalition
City University of New York Baruch College Computer Center for Visually Impaired People
Helen Keller
Looking Good Without Looking
Lower East Side Tenement Museum
New York Public Library
Project Starfish
VISIONS – and many other groups, individuals and communities

For More Information About Vision Week

For more information about Vision Week, or to pre-register for an event – head over to their website You can also follow Vision Week on Facebook for updates!  Any questions, email Phil So, Vision Week’s Organizer & Director, at [email protected] with subject line “Make a Difference”.