Sneek-A-Boos: A Halloween Tradition

Sneek-A-Boos: A Halloween Tradition

The holidays are all about building traditions with our families. Decorating, cooking, music, and seasonal movies are just a few ways parents add some extra sparkle to childhood memories. Sneek-A-Boos: A Halloween Tradition is an adorable toy and book combination, the perfect addition to any family’s fall festivities!

What Is Sneek-A-Boos:

Little Bat Boo is a tiny bat plush toy, who comes inside a whimsical cottage keepsake box. Boo is made of soft plush material and totes bendable wire ears and wings for adorable positioning. Velcro on the edges of the wings and small hooks on the feet allow Boo to do what bats do best…. hang upside down!

Creator Mindy Haering, has also authored a limited edition Little Bat Boo hardcover book, that delights parents and kids alike. The storybook is 32 pages of vintage style illustrations combined with a lyrical poem that spins the Halloween tale of our friend, Little Bat Boo.

“Little Bat Boo loves Halloween,

but can only come out when he cannot be seen.

He loves to play in the light of the moon,

by flying around from room to room,

Mischievous and shy is his chosen way,

As he stays still by the light of day,

Keep a close eye as he’s quick on his feet.

What did he bring you a Trick or a Treat?”


Mindy & Paying It Forward:  

While almost halfway through her second pregnancy, Mindy lost her baby.  As she grieved for her child, she sought a distraction. As a wife and mother, Mindy knew all too well that the upcoming holidays would be extremely difficult for her family. She found inspiration in her 3-year-old son, who had a special affinity with Halloween.

Mindy had experienced first hand just how precious life can be. She wanted every family to experience the magic of the holidays by incorporating traditions that help cultivate memories. With the encouragement of her husband, she created Sneek-A-Boos. In honor of their kids, every product she sells benefits another child in need, supporting the SHAMBA Foundation.

Started by Steven Kyalo, a member of the Akamba tribe in Kenya, the SHAMBA Foundation is a “funding” organization that helps and supports a specific group of children located in the Soweto (sew-wet-o) Slum of Nairobi, Kenya. The Shamba Foundation strives to promote sponsorships to feed, cloth, house, and educate children of Kenya; providing opportunities for self-reliance, optimism, and a hopeful future.

No Elf Here:

I know what you’re all thinking. This concept sounds very reminiscent of a certain Elf who sits on a shelf? Or perhaps the Mensch who sits on your bench?  Well, relax.

Remember, Sneek-A-Boo can give your child a “TRICK” or a “TREAT.” That means if you forget to move the bat, or lack the energy to stage that elaborate, Pinterest worthy Halloween scene; you’re off the hook. Just place a small treat next to Boo and your kids will be thrilled. A piece of candy, a box of crayons, a sheet of stickers; Boo can leave any sweet treat behind. You decide!

And don’t forget about his tiny hook feet! You can hang this little guy from just about anywhere! You can even cover his eyes with his tiny velcro wings and tell your kids he’s sleeping! Trust me, I’ve done it. And you want to know what? My girls absolutely loved seeing BOO asleep around the house in the morning. After all, bats are nocturnal!

Benefits For Blind/VI Parents:

I first found Sneek-A-Boos on Instagram and my oldest daughter, Nuala, fell in love with the adorable pictures of this little bat. I reached out to Mindy and asked to review Sneek-A-Boos.

I had some concerns about the font and type size as a visually impaired mother. I was also curious how much extra work moving a bat around would be, because let’s face it, with two kids, a husband, my job and this blog – I don’t have a whole lot of extra time.

Once I had the opportunity to touch and feel the product, I could not have been happier. Boo is so soft and poseable. The velcro wings and hooks on his feet make him a breeze to display anywhere in my home. It was so simple, even “Mostly Wonderful” could do it. Now, that’s saying something!

Mindy’s book is beautifully done, with short sentences on each page. The font is large enough to be easily read with my magnifier, closed-circuit television (CCTV) and my OrCam. The words have such a lyrical rhythm to them, I have actually memorized almost the entire book since the beginning of October.

I do, however, have one complaint. Once we got Boo and his book, my kids fought over it like crazy. Seriously. They each wanted equal time with this little bat, prompting me to order another set for my family. We now have two. In fact, I loved this product so much, I actually bought a third set for Nuala’s pre-school class.

The combination of having a well made, accessible toy, created by a fellow mother who just happens to donate to a worthy charity was too good to pass up!  If you’re still looking for a great Halloween gift for your kid’s teacher or a child in your life, head over to Amazon and purchase a Sneek-A-Boo! And don’t forget to check out Mindy’s website and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Have a holiday tradition for your family you think is accessible and fun? Tell me about it below!