Why I Don’t Feel Like Teaching People About Blindness

Why I Don’t Feel Like Teaching People About Blindness

Unlike most women, I absolutely hate shopping. Seriously, with a passion. The idea of going into a store to buy clothes is about appealing to me as going to the dentist. Unfortunately, being an adult means you sometimes have to dress like one. Uggh, I hate that rule. With an important meeting coming up for my day job, I was forced to hit the mall on the quest for a professional ensemble that didn’t include yoga pants.

Since I’m legally blind; I don’t drive. Traveling anywhere with blindness usually requires having my husband chauffeur me around with my two toddlers in tow. Doing anything with a double stroller is already complicated. Add in one diaper bag, 2 sippy cups, my pocketbook and an extendable white cane and let’s just say every shopping trip becomes a juggling act.

We left our house immediately after breakfast. Once at the mall, we hit a few of the kid’s favorite stores first. A little parental bribery never hurt anyone, right?

When my daughters appeared to be getting tired, my husband gave me the green light to sneak off alone to get my shopping accomplished.

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Why I Don't Always Feel Like Teaching People About Blindness


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