Whole Crock Pot Chicken

Whole Crock Pot Chicken

Have you ever gone to a grocery store and picked up one of those rotisserie chickens? Did you know you could make the same thing at home? As a busy mom, I love my crock pot. I also have a family that loves chicken, so crock pot chicken is a favorite in our family. My solution – stick a whole chicken in the crock pot. Yup, you read correctly, a “WHOLE” chicken. Wash the entire bird in water, cleaning out the cavity and removing any giblets. Generously season the chicken with salt and pepper or your favorite poultry spice blend. Quarter a small onion and stick it inside the cavity with sprigs of fresh rosemary and thyme. Use pre-diced garlic and place about a tablespoon on the skin and in the cavity. Pour chicken stock on the bottom of the crock pot, just enough to cover the bottom of the vessel. Place chicken inside, breast up, and cook on low for 8 hours.

Ingredients for Crock Pot Chicken:

1 Whole Chicken (4-5 Pounds – Giblets Removed)

1 Small Onion (Insert Into Cavity)

Springs of Fresh Rosemary & Thyme (Insert Into Cavity)

Salt & Pepper For Seasoning (In Cavity & On Skin)

1 Tablespoon Pre-chopped Garlic (Place On Skin & Into Cavity)

Chicken Stock

The chicken is so tender; you will not be able to remove it in one piece. Use a set of tongs or large fork to remove it from the crock pot. Remove remaining herbs and onion. Slice and serve your crock pot chicken.

Try this whole crock pot chicken recipe. It's so tender and juicy!

Pictured: Chicken removed from crock pot. Breast and two drumsticks shown. 

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  1. Hi Holly,

    I can almost taste the herbs off the picture. Looks delicious and simple. I have a crock pot I got for mother’s day, that I don’t use enough. Can’t wait to try.

    Thank you,
    Kidznet Enterprises

    1. Cari: OMG! You are going to love it. I use it all year round. I never put it away. Someone recently told me you can also make balls with aluminum foil and place it under the bird before you place it in the crock pot if you don’t like it too soggy at the bottom. I like the moisture the chicken stock gives the bottom of the breast meat – so I have yet to try it that way. I make 2 or 3 chicken dishes a week. And bonus, remove any left over bones and you can use the stock for soup! I’ve done that too!

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