Blind Diaries

When I was a tween, there was no Internet.  We had beepers, not cell-phones. Reality television wasn’t reality. No, I’m not ancient – I’m just a blind mother of two who’s pushing forty.  Uggh!

Back in the day, girls kept diaries filled with handwritten notes about our social lives and budding romances. We planned our futures on these blank pages, guarding the words under lock and key. Our mothers searched our bedrooms looking to uncover these personal books of secrets.  How did I outsmart my mother?  I took my diary to school with me!  LOL!

In today’s technologically savvy world, blogs have become our online diaries. Writers daring enough to venture into the blogging world must be authentic while allowing themselves to show their vulnerabilities. We can laugh. We can cry.  Embrace the sarcasm in life; there is something to be learned in every perspective.

Blind Motherhood wants to give you a glimpse into the personal, online diaries of blind parents.

Advocacy & Outreach: It’s time we roll up our sleeves and help diminish stereotypes relating to blindness and vision loss. Have you spoken to a political organization in your community? Done a presentation at your child’s school? Share your road to advocacy and outreach.

Family/Relationships: When I write, I refer to my husband as “Mostly Wonderful” because most of the time he’s pretty amazing and the rest of the time he’s my third child.  Share your “Mostly Wonderful” stories. How do you deal with crazy in-laws?  Talk about it here!

Guide Dogs: Researching schools? Filling out applications?  Maybe you’re a proud puppy raiser? We will share our stories every step of the way – even after the harness of our four legged friend has been placed into our hands.

Health & Wellness: Is your eye condition causing you physical discomfort? Has your vision loss impacted your psychological well-being? Are you looking for tips to combat dryness? Do you have questions about ocular safety while caring for your kids? Let’s start the conversation here.

Hey Holly: A Disabilities Dialogue: Do you have a burning question about vision loss? Or perhaps another type of disability? Whatever the question, I’ve got you covered. Reach me via email or through my social media outlets and I will discreetly post your question and my response. Real talk from a real member of the disabled community.

Humor: How is being a blind parent like being on the show The Walking Dead?  I can tell you!  Trust me, there a lot of similarities. Let your guard down. Don’t be so serious; laugh at things that relate to your blindness.

Inspiration: Being a parent is exhausting and sometimes you need a little dose of faith and motivation to get you through the day. Get your cry on – it’s about to get emotional.

Recipes:  Can blind people actually cook?  You bet we do!  From meatballs to Irish Soda bread, let’s swap our family recipes.

Reviews: Products, movies, technological apps, children’s toys. If you’re a blind parent who’s using it, reading it or watching it; then how about writing about it?

Think about your life and how far you’ve come.  Think about the path you took to get to where you are right now. How does your family fit it, warts and all?  Open up your personal diary with Blind Motherhood, “Never losing sight of life, love and laughter.”