Advertising/Media Kit

Thank you for your interest in advertising with Blind Motherhood! Partnering with Blind Motherhood offers several options for authentic, content-based advertising as well as traditional sidebar and newsletter ads.

Blind Motherhood readers are parents, educators, and professionals representing a wide range of varying abilities and disabilities!

The commonality between us – an immense dedication and passion towards sharing resources, while promoting a more inclusive, accepting society for the blind/visually impaired. will only partner with brands that are family friendly and topically relevant. We’re always eager to share information relating to the brands and companies we believe in and are confidently comfortable in supporting. Accessibility is key!

Our site spans over 126 countries – educating and enlightening people around the globe! Together, we are showing the world that parenting without sight is POSSIBLE!


  • Marketing to the disabled community demographic and those servicing this community; including (but not limited to) educators, medical /mental health professionals, vision rehabilitation therapists (VRT) and orientation & mobility specialists (O&M).
  • Advertise your business or product with a feature article on our site or in our newsletter.
  • Giveaways and Events.
  • Theme Sponsorship Opportunities.
  • Social Media Campaigns.
  • Promotion of Your Organization/Cause. Blind Motherhood is pleased to offer “FREE” advertising space and a complimentary informative post for any reputable organization that services the visually impaired. Email for more information.

SOCIAL MEDIA: is active on many forms of social media. Take a look at these numbers further illustrating our reach!



Want to read more? Check out our media kit below that expands on our brand and how we can work together with you! For more information about advertising, contact Holly Bonner at [email protected] or (347)-257-9402.