Blind Motherhood’s Mission

Blind Motherhood is more than just a blog; it’s an online resource for individuals and their families who have been impacted by vision loss.

Blind Motherhood’s mission is to demonstrate members of the blind & visually impaired community can parent safely, independently and effectively. The stories we share seek to diminish any negative perceptions of parenting without sight; educating and enlightening both the sighted and the blind.

Blind Motherhood will help prospective blind parents learn the in’s and out’s for all things baby. Wondering if you will be able to change a newborn’s diaper? Curious if you can make that bottle in the middle of the night? I am living proof that “you can” do everything a fully sighted parent can do – just in a different way.

Blind Motherhood understands that childhood milestones fly by – and I don’t want to miss a single minute. From toddler tantrums to the stomach flu, I’ll divulge all my parenting challenges and the methods I used to save what’s left of my sanity. (Full disclosure, there is not much left.)

Blind Motherhood knows how to “get real” when it comes to relationships. Friends and family make life worth living, but I’ve learned the hard way that not everyone will be supportive of a parent whose living with a disability. Hold onto your hats! I’ll talk about marriage, social encounters, and the relationship I have with my beloved guide dog, Frances.

Finally, Blind Motherhood is also a place where sighted parents raising blind and visually impaired children can find support. I challenge you to share in my story and find comfort in knowing you too can one day become grandparents. Your blind or visually impaired child can grow up to become an educated, integral part of their community. It’s possible for them to find love, get married, and raise a family.

I welcome you to join me on this journey as I raise my two beautiful daughters in busy New York City. Blind Motherhood wants to be a part of your online parenting village! So, let’s swap stories. Share resources. Pass along that recipe. And let’s do it all by “Never losing sight of life, love and laughter.” 

Holly Bonner,
Creator of Blind Motherhood/V.I.E.P.