Visually Impaired Education Program (V.I.E.P.)

Have you ever noticed a blind or visually impaired person in the grocery store?
Have you ever seen a guide dog helping their partner cross a busy intersection?
Ever wondered what it feels like to navigate Staten Island without sight?

“If we want to live in a world with more disability advocates, we had better start raising them.”
~ Holly Bonner, Blind Motherhood

What is V.I.E.P.?

The Visually Impaired Education Program (V.I.E.P.) provides an opportunity for elementary school children (Pre-K to 5) to learn how to positively and respectively interact with the blind and visually impaired community.

Through V.I.E.P, students will meet and interact with Holly Bonner, a legally blind mother and social worker. Accompanied by her guide dog, Frances, Holly will present V.I.E.P.’s unique programming, educating kids about:

  • Terminology relating to “blindness” & “visual impairments”
  • Etiquette for interacting with the blind/visually impaired community
  • Braille & Adaptive Technology
  • The role of guide dogs and proper interaction with service animals
  • How they can become an effective “Disability Ally”

“V.I.E.P. ’s mission is to educate and engage school aged children through classroom interaction with the blind/visually impaired community; helping diminish pre-imposed stereotypes associated with blindness.”

Bring V.I.E.P. To Your Students

The Visually Impaired Education Program (V.I.E.P.) is “FREE” to all Staten Island schools and community groups. Scheduling is easy. Simply email Holly Bonner at [email protected] or call 347-257-9402 to determine a suitable time to bring V.I.E.P to your students grades Pre-K to 5.

Share V.I.E.P.’s Classroom Song With Your Students:

When you have eyes that can not see; you’re visually impaired.
A guide dog or a long, white cane – will help you stay prepared.
The blind are people, just like you – who do things differently.
Don’t be shy.
Just say, “Hello!”
You’ll make a friend – you’ll see!

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Want To Learn More:

Check out our VIEP flyer below that expands on our program and how we can help your students learn more about visual impairments!