Much like my blindness, both of my pregnancies were a complete surprise. Yes, I know where babies come from. However, doctors said my complicated medical history would most likely prevent my husband and I from ever becoming parents.

Pshht. Guess we showed them!

My journey to motherhood was one hell of a roller coaster.

Losing my eyesight in 2012.

Discovering I was pregnant 6 months later, the same day I completed mobility training.

Giving birth via C-section in February 2013 to our daughter, Nuala.

Repeating the process with our second daughter, Aoife, born in October 2014.

Motherhood teaches me something new every day. I may not do things the same way as sighted moms, but that’s okay. As long as my kids are happy, safe and healthy; I’ll find a way to get the job done.

Parenting while blind or visually impaired requires a combination of preparation, ingenuity, and most of all creativity. Blind Motherhood offers a place for parents to share their experiences together as we face the joys and challenges that come with raising our kids.

Fertility/Pregnancy: Whether you’re considering becoming pregnant with a visual impairment or you’re looking for ways to curb your morning sickness, this section share stories relating to all things pre-natal.

Infant/Toddlers: Congratulations, you’ve birthed a human being. Now what? Having sleepless nights? Can’t get that smell of baby puke out of your clothes?  Wondering how the hell you’re going to potty train your toddler with no vision.  Commiserate here.

School Age: Pre-K, kindergarten elementary, high school and college. School experiences provide parents with lots of material.  From school yard socialization to your first PTA meeting; Blind Motherhood’s got you covered.

Blind/VI Kids: Discovering that your baby will be born with a congenital eye disease or learning your child has developed a visual impairment can be scary. We offer a place for sighted parents raising blind or visually impaired children to give voice to their struggles in this special section dedicated exclusively to them.

There are so many amazing moments that come with parenting. Let’s share them all together on Blind Motherhood.