• Nuala and her buddy Flint Lockwood. We spent our morning watching Harry Potter and 😎 relaxing. 

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  • This little cutie just lost her front 🦷 tooth! She’s got the squeakiest voice and the smile to match! The tooth fairy is coming tonight. 

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  • To all our friends and followers who donated: THANK YOU FOR HELPING US RAISE over $3K for VISIONS/Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired @visionsvcb! Nuala and Aoife are over the moon and we're sending you a virtual hug to go along with your virtual lemonade! 

Image Description: Left Side: Pink block with VISIONS and Blind Motherhood logos. Text reads: Thank you for helping us raise 3K for VISIONS! Love Nuala & Aoife Bonner. 

Right Side: Photo: Nuala and Aoife in the family kitchen. Both are wearing pink dresses and lemonade aprons. Guide dog Frances and Borzoi Sioux sit in front of the girls.
  • Mother’s Day cuddles with Aoife. 

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  • Mother’s Day Eve spent watching Brave and Cinderella while enjoying some carvel ice cream. We earned it today! Happy Mother’s Day 👩 weekend to all! 

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