Easter Turkey Breast – Part II

Easter Turkey Breast – Part II

Easter has come and gone and so has my holiday turkey breast.  It was absolutely delicious!In case you missed it, check out Holiday Turkey Breast – Part I to see how I made a marinade for the turkey the day before I cooked it. After Easter baskets were opened; I got cooking. I removed the turkey breast from the Ziploc bag marinade. Using a disposable aluminum pan, I placed the turkey (breast up) re-seasoning it with salt and pepper. I also placed fresh sprigs of rosemary and thyme into the cavity of the bird. Next, I melted half a stick of unsalted butter in the microwave for 30 seconds. I drizzled the melted butter all over the skin, rubbing it in gently. Finally, I poured a small amount of chicken stock at the bottom of the pan to keep the turkey from drying out.  I then tented the bird with aluminum foil and placed in a 350 degree oven for one hour and thirty minutes.

After that initial cook time, I checked the turkey, removing the foil and adding more chicken stock to the bottom of the pan. I also poured (directly from the carton) additional chicken stock over the turkey before sticking it back in the oven for another one hour and thirty minutes. During this second cooking phase, I basted the turkey about every 20-25  minutes to ensure moisture. By the end of my cooking time, the internal blue disk thermometer had popped within the bird, indicating it was complete.

I removed the turkey from the oven, placing my Reizen talking meat thermometer into the thickest part of the breast meat. After several minutes, the thermometer read 183.2 degrees.  The desired turkey meat temperature is 165-170 degrees. I removed the blue plastic disk thermometer, throwing it away. The turkey breast was ready to carve for our holiday meal! Check out Turkey Breast Easter Dinner with Reizen Thermometer  on YouTube.


1 Marinated Turkey Breast (Removed From Marinade) 

1 Aluminum Disposable 2″ Pan

Salt & Pepper

1/2 Stick of Melted Unsalted Butter (pour over turkey)

Fresh Sprigs of Rosemary & Thyme (inside the cavity)

Aluminum Foil (tent the bird in first cooking phase) 

1 Box of Chicken Stock (for the bottom of the pan and basting)

I'm sharing how I made this beautiful holiday turkey breast for my family. Get the recipe for yourself!

Pictured:  Turkey breast with blue disk internal thermometer popped and Reizen talking thermometer.

Check out this delicious holiday turkey breast I made for my family and get the recipe for yourself!

Pictured:  Removing the blue disk thermometer from the bird before carving.