It doesn’t matter if you were born with a congenital eye condition or if you acquired your vision loss through illness or injury; parenting while visually impaired requires resources.

Whether online, in your local community, or halfway across the world, knowing where to turn for helpful solutions to vision related obstacles will make you a more well-rounded parent.

Blind Motherhood has got you covered with our comprehensive list of Resources.

Blog Roll: The web is packed with a multitude of blind and visually impaired bloggers, both with and without children. Aside from welcoming these amazingly talented authors to contribute to Blind Motherhood as guest bloggers; I encourage you to explore their individual websites and social media pages.

Books: This list provides personal memoirs of blind experiences as well as educational material relating to the field of vision loss.

Guide Dog Schools: Thinking about integrating a guide dog into your growing family? Check out Blind Motherhood’s list of guide dog schools across the country.

Podcasts: Much like bloggers, pod casters share their stories by using audio and video.  Here’s a list of some of the most popular podcasts both relating to and produced by the blind.

Technology: Do they make an App for that? Check out our list of essential Apps developed specifically for the blind & visually impaired.

National Resources: Here you’ll discover blind and low vision resources located throughout the United States of America, broken down by state.

International Resources: From Canada to Israel, this category expands our resource list to countries all over the world!

Blind Motherhood wants to assist blind and visually impaired parents by maintaining a comprehensive list of resources. Think you can help add to my list?  Send additional resources to [email protected].